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What Will We Learn in Book 3?

All new makeups by some of the leading artists in film and TV today- Creatures, creations and techniques by Kenny Myers (Return of the Living Dead, The Last Samurai), Richard Redlefsen (Batman V Superman), Steve Laporte (Beetlejuice, Terminator 2, Lost), and Bruce Spaulding Fuller (Underworld, Terminator 2, Predator 2). All their creatures are pictured above. 

Plus, so many other amazing artists including Shannon Shea (Jurassic Park), Kevin Haney (Captain America Civil War, Iron Man 3), and the author, Mike Spatola (Terminator 2, Iron Man 3, Tales From The Crypt). Plus, makeups by 5 of Mike's most talented students. (some of their work shown below)

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