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What Will I Learn in The Monstrous Makeup Manual ?


LOTS!!  Everything from where to get your supplies to basics, paint and powder make-ups, a ton of 3-D Out of the Kit techniques, full 3-D construction make-ups, to taking face casts, sculpting, making molds, and creating prothetic appliances out of foam latex, encapsulated silicone and even the latest technology of Prosthetic Transfers. And finally, finished Prosthetic Make-ups using the different types of appliances. There’s over 26 different finished make-ups in this book, and about a bazillion techniques to learn! And, best of all, it’s written in plain English without a lot of technical jargon, and over 750 photos to illustrate the techniques used.


“It’s excellent and very detail oriented. Don’t change a thing! This is an excellent manual for professionals as well as amateurs alike. Great Job!” 

Oscar and EMMY Award winner, Matthew Mungle, Los Angeles, CA 


Traditional Book or PDF? You Choose!

Because these are the most photo-rich monster make-up guides ever produced, I wanted to include stunning images, and as many step-by-step photos as possible to enhance the learning experience. I’ve embedded high-res 300 ppi photographs into this PDF version of this book. Photos that you can blow up on your laptop or iPad as large as you like (up to 800%) to see ALL the detail. 

I believed viewing the nearly 300 pages of this book as a PDF was the BEST way to really see all 786 high-res images in all their glory! You just can’t do that with a traditional paper book. 


But, if you want a gorgeous printed book, with all the same stunning images, all faithfully reproduced. We have that too! It’s up to you.