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Don't believe me?  Listen to what our readers had to say...


"I have known Mike Spatola for over 30 years, and to read his new "Monstrous Make-Up Manual"-  well I wish I had this when I was a kid! It is by far the most comprehensive, detail oriented, with the largest amount of photo reference I have seen in a how to monster makeup book, EVER! I loved the variety of makeup artists Mike has featured, from up and comer Melissa Jimenez, to old school magician Steve LaPorte to Super Makeup Star Joel Harlow. This book is filled with great techniques, what supplies and materials to safely use on your actor, and the best advice from true Hollywood Makeup Masters. If you love Monsters and Makeup, this book is a MUST HAVE!!!"

Howard Berger, Co-Owner KNB EFX GROUP

Academy Award Winner



""Mike has once again delivered a wealth of undeniable makeup wisdom, that will benefit all artists from the novice to the seasoned professional. “Book 2” will fortify it readers with a cornucopia of tools and techniques for tackling almost any makeup challenge. As artists, we should always strive to expand our knowledge and skill. Regardless of how much we might “think” we know, there is always more to learn....And there is much to learn within these pages.


Book 2 is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for letting me be involved in it and please save me some pages in book 3 when that happens!!!"

Joel Harlow, Best Makeup Oscar and Multiple EMMY Winner

Personal Makeup Artist to Johny Depp


"I just cracked open my copy of The Monstrous Make-Up Manual Book 2 for the first time and was immediately transported back to my early days of learning the craft. I felt the same sense of wonder that I had when I was in high school reading an issue of Gorezone Magazine’s Makeup Fx Lab column and gaining the pieces of knowledge that would shape how I do things to this day.


That same 14 year old in me was wowed and inspired by how easy to do every project was in the new edition of the book. Never did I feel that there was anything out of my reach, instead a new lightbulb went off at every page turn.


Each section gave just enough information to provide a framework of understanding without feeling the need to document every step of the process. (though don’t get me wrong this book does not lack in the photo department!) In his introduction Mike said he wanted the text to feel like he was right there with you rather than it being a dry how to manual. He really succeeded in making this the kind of book you read cover to cover and then read again. (in that respect it reminds me a bit of Tom Savini’s classic Grande Illusions, where it was a guy talking about how he created cool stuff) in this instance though it’s a guy talking to you about how YOU can make that cool stuff!


I wish that MMMB2 had been available 25 years ago when I first started dabbling in the craft, but I’m glad that it’s here now. This book is not only a loving reminder of why we choose to be involved in the monster biz in the first place, but more importantly its the kind of book that could (and will) inspire a new generation of kids who think that not only are monsters cool, but that they really want to make them!


I don't think I have been this giddy about making monsters in years!"

Arvin Clay, Pittsburgh PA



"Mike, you put together a well thought out book that has something for everyone. Thanks for including such in depth info through out & in my segment too. You included every little detail that I had to offer. I hope someone saves the day somewhere on a set because of that."

Steve LaPorte, Oscar and EMMY Winning Makeup Artist, Los Angeles



 "So great to see veteran artists sharing the benefit of their experience. That's what keeps our art alive. Well done, Mr. Spatola!"

Alec Gillis, Co Owner Amalgamated Dynamics Inc (ADI)



”I've got all my makeup girls here buying your book. They all want to know your secrets!!! Great job again, Michael! It is a terrific tome of knowledge and wonderful pictures. I also like the humor you added and repeating your steps in the text, not assuming people will remember what technique you used in the previous makeups. So cool! I read every word, even though I knew how to do a lot of the lab work (100 years ago-I can always use a refresher!). I loved the painting (you're so good!) and I laughed a lot-Quasimodo shaving! Hahhaah! It was obviously a lot of work to get this book made-tons of great makeups.”

Eryn Krueger Mekash, Multiple Emmy Nominee / Make-up Department head, American Horror Story 

Los Angeles, CA



"The Monstrous Make-Up Manual is an awesome step by step guide of the techniques of special make-up effects. A must have for beginners and professionals alike.”

Robert Kurtzman, Creature Corps / Precinct 13 Entertainment.



“Wow - I finally took some time and looked through your book the last couple of days! It makes me feel like a kid again. I actually want to spend the weekend playing with make-up and I haven't felt like that for years! Really great work, Mike. Glad you keep it simple in what you try to accomplish and remind artists how much can be done with light and shadow - there's nothing more old-school and effective as the basics. And like you say, you're not trying to complete with the most subtle film make-ups here (even though you have the talent for that as well), but showing a vast array of techniques and a comprehensive materials guide really makes it compelling. I hope it's getting circulated. It deserves it!” 

Tom Woodruff Jr, Co Owner, Amalgamated Dynamics Inc (A.D.I.),

Los Angeles, CA


“It’s excellent and very detail oriented. Don’t change a thing! This is an excellent manual for professionals as well as amateurs alike. Great Job!”

 Matthew Mungle, Oscar and Multiple EMMY Award winner,

Los Angeles, CA


"Michael, Michael, Michael - I cannot begin to tell you how incredible this WAIT has been to NOW have the books and CDs "in hand" to consume. AMAZING piece of work and effort by all involved. I don't quite know how I can sufficiently tell you how impressed I am, how unbelievably blown away by this volume I am, or how the price paid could possibly even be enough for the work and product (but I'm glad I could afford this). It's just without a doubt some of the best of the best of work for this subject matter out there... Anyone who DOESN'T consider getting it is out of their freaking mind. This is TOP NOTCH work and I expected nothing less from you."

Bill Barto, The Effects Lab


"I was STAGGERED by the amount of detailed information that they contain. I'm sure you're getting lots of emails like these, but I wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your hard work and amazing generosity with the secrets you know. If you decide to do a book three, I'll be among the first to show you support."

Curtis Smith, Kansas City, Mo


"OMG!! This book is FANTASTIC!! BETTER than I ever ANTICIPATED!! Will be directing all my friends (that are interested in fx stuff) to get this book as well!! It's a DEFINITE MUST HAVE for anyone who does this stuff's library!!"


Eric Wright, Olympia, Washinton


"Just a short note to say I received Book Two last week and it's fantastic! When I'm asked what resources a beginner AND seasoned pro should seek out to learn and improve their skills, the first that comes to mind are The Monstrous Makeup ManualsSSSS! With both volumes, a wealth of incredible knowledge, tips and tricks are available at anyone's finger tips!  Thanks again!"


Doug Morrow, 24 year veteran Makeup Artist, Canada

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