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Introducing the latest addition to The Monstrous Makeup Manual family...

My Signature Series Prosthetic Sculpting Tool Set by CES

This exciting new set of 4 tools was a collaboration between myself, and Robert Burns of Cutting Edge Sculpture. We brainstormed together to bring you a set more designed with sculpting prosthetics in mind. Each of his tools are beautifully hand-made​. If you've ever used Cutting Edge's tools before, then you know you'll love these. If not, then I personally guarantee you'll enjoy working with this set. These are my favorite pieces for doing the type of work I do. All 4 tools are double-endend - so it's actually like getting 8 tools in the set!


Pictured left to right in the 2nd photo-

1- Wire Wrinkle Tool

2- Round Loop Guitar String Tool

3- Small Loop and Arrow Loop Guitar String Tool

4- Double End (Bullet and chisel) Rubber Tip Tool

For a limited time, get these tools with no shipping charges

ORDER FROM Motion Picture FX

You will LOVE these tools!

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