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What's in The Monstrous Makeup Manual Book 3?


Where Book 1 focus on simpler techniques and makeups, and Book 2 was more advanced in the lab techniques and had makeups by many celebrity makeup artists, Book 3 is all about the characters! There's sections on new and updated techniques, body painting, aliens, undead, demons and the possessed, and a huge section on how the cover makeup was created including the props and costume/armor. Using Adobe Photoshop as a creature/makeup design tool is discussed.


Traditional Book or PDF? You Choose!

Because all 3 of these books are the most photo-rich monster make-up guides ever produced, I wanted to include stunning images, and as many step-by-step photos as possible to enhance the learning experience. I’ve embedded high-res 300 ppi photographs into this PDF version of this book. Photos that you can blow up on your laptop or iPad as large as you like (up to 800%) to see ALL the detail. 

I believe viewing the nearly 300 pages of this book as a PDF was the BEST way to really see the (over) 1100 high-res images in all their glory! You just can’t do that with a traditional paper book. 


But, if you want a gorgeous printed book, with all the same stunning images, all faithfully reproduced. We have that too! It’s up to you. Most of my readers have both. The one for your shelf and page- turning, and the digital versions of all 3 that you can take with you on any personal device!


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