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Hold the Secrets of Life and Death in the palm of your hand...


The Monstrous Makeup Manual "LIFE" & "DEATH" Skin Illustrator Palettes!


The world knows it- Premiere Products Inc. Skin Illustrator alcohol activated colors are the best (and you know I've been using them from day one)!  Now there's a set of 2 palettes that I hand-picked the colors for: The "LIFE" palette is perfect for creating and adjusting literally any skin tone, and the "DEATH" palette includes all the great zombie, monster and fx colors you'll ever need.  These palettes will not be available in any stores, only on this site.



Palettes are currently
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LIFE and DEATH-Get them both!


The 24 best colors ever!  (see the individual palettes below for a complete list of colors) There's very little you can't do with these palettes! From very subtle, realistic character makeups, to the grossest zombies and creatures- you can do it all!- Save $10 when you order together! $90, plus shipping.


The Skin Illustrator "LIFE" Palette

Rice Paper, Natural 1, Rose Adjuster, Olive Adjuster, Burnt Orange, Prime Red, Prime Yellow, Vein Tone, Cedar Brown, Midnight Brown, Dusty Rose, Burnt Sienna-  $50, plus shipping.


The Skin Illustrator "DEATH" Palette


Ghastly, Lividity, Black, White, Vile Bile, Pastel Yellow, Bone, Green, Ultra Blue, Egg Plant, Aged Blood, Blood Tone-  $50, plus shipping.

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